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Last updated 07/26/09.

3onPlane.jpg (31836 bytes) On the plane from Dulles to San Juan
7:00 AM departure!
Ashleighonplane.JPG (20392 bytes) Ashleigh sacked out.
3onBus.JPG (28761 bytes) On the shuttle - San Juan.
2onPlane.JPG (24648 bytes) On American Eagle to Beef Island.
FCSignJPG.JPG (52621 bytes) Our first stop - Frenchman's Cay.
FCView1.JPG (54065 bytes) The Clubhouse and pool.
FCViewfromVilla.JPG (44744 bytes) The view from our balcony.
FCVilla.JPG (58746 bytes) Our villa was the one on the right.
WEBreakfast.JPG (24776 bytes) Eating breakfast near West End.
WestEnd.JPG (34052 bytes) The harbor at West End.
RoadtoFC.JPG (39738 bytes) The road to Frenchman's Cay.
KidsSnorkling.JPG (29651 bytes) James and Ashleigh snorkling.
FCBeach.JPG (34061 bytes) The beach at Frenchman's Cay.
St. John in background.
FCLexiatPool.JPG (30626 bytes) Alexis at the pool.
JamesonFerry.JPG (31292 bytes) On the ferry from Tortola to Virgin Gorda.

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