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Last updated 07/26/09.

GSBSign.JPG (48225 bytes) Our second stop - Guavaberry Spring Bay
GSBEntrance.JPG (24256 bytes) Our house was up this road . . .
GSBRoad.JPG (29086 bytes) and around a few boulders.
GSBHomes.JPG (47519 bytes) View of other houses from our porch.
JandABaths.JPG (25389 bytes) James and Ashleigh inside the Baths.
LexBaths.JPG (18271 bytes) Alexis too!
ThreeatBaths.JPG (35725 bytes) Ashleigh, Eric, James.
JamesBaths.JPG (30384 bytes) James in one of the cavities inside the Baths.
JandADevils.JPG (33106 bytes) After working our way through the Baths
we came out at Devil's Bay.
BathsView.JPG (48523 bytes) The view out into the Drake Channel
Boats are moored to visit the Baths.
SBAshleigh.JPG (22800 bytes) Ashleigh at Spring Bay Beach.
SBBeach.JPG (29408 bytes) James and Ashleigh soaking up some rays.
GSBCattle.JPG (30324 bytes) The local cattle we saw repeatedly.
Devils.JPG (43114 bytes) Can't recall if this is Spring Bay or Devil's Bay.
LexNAshSaba.JPG (33101 bytes) Alexis and Ashleigh at Saba Rock.
BathsSunset.JPG (25682 bytes) Sunset as viewed from the Top of the Baths.
Nse.jpg (17181 bytes) The North Sound Express took us to our last stop
via the Bitter End and Trellis Bay.

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