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Last updated 07/26/09.

3onNSE.JPG (33719 bytes) On the North Sound Express ferry.
3atDLM.JPG (57117 bytes) After lunch at De Loose Mongoose.
3onBeachLBR.JPG (26352 bytes) Catching rays at the beach.
LBRBeach.JPG (17942 bytes) The beach at Lambert Beach Resort.
LBRPool.JPG (22825 bytes) James and Ashleigh swimming in the pool.
AshinHammock.JPG (41416 bytes) Ashleigh relaxing on a hammock.
JandAinPool.JPG (30454 bytes) James and Ashleigh playing in the pool.
LBRSunset.JPG (32697 bytes) Sunset.
JamesKayak.JPG (19552 bytes) James trying out the kayak.
LBRSunset2.JPG (53742 bytes) Sunset - James trying to harvest some Coconuts.
LBRSunset3.JPG (27688 bytes) Sunset at Lambert Beach.
LBRKitty.JPG (23512 bytes) One of the Island Kitties having a little breakfast.
NewAirport.JPG (28166 bytes) This is the new airport at Beef Island.
AEPlane.JPG (24805 bytes) This is the biggest plane that can land at Beef Island (BVI).
AEFlightOut.JPG (25654 bytes) James and Ashleigh on the flight out of Beef Island to San Juan.
SJUShuttle.JPG (24722 bytes) James and Ashleigh on the shuttle at San Juan Airport.

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