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Last updated 07/26/09.

AshNPups1.jpg (57475 bytes) Ashleigh with the new pups
AshNPups2.jpg (56282 bytes) They were sooooo tired
AshNPups3.jpg (57313 bytes) and so was KC
AshNPups4.jpg (85679 bytes) It doesn't get any better than this!
Reese.jpg (54561 bytes) Reese, pooped from Christmas excitement
Pups.jpg (70491 bytes) The pups
KC.jpg (61828 bytes) KC
Pumpkin-4.jpg (52794 bytes) Pumpkin trying out Ashleigh's new chair
Maxwell3.jpg (158855 bytes) Ashleigh's sketch of Maxwell done while she was babysitting Max and Sadie.
Yahsser.jpg (30399 bytes) Yahoo playing dress-up.
yahoobed.jpg (26530 bytes) This is how Yahoo sleeps -
right next to us.
Yahoo-11.JPG (34204 bytes) Yahoo in his (personalized) bed.
Pumpkin-1.JPG (47129 bytes) Pumpkin in the bag.
Yahoo-8.JPG (33541 bytes) Yahoo snoozing (again).
Pumpkin-2.JPG (36682 bytes) Pumpkin in a fiesty mood!
Yahoo-9.JPG (69069 bytes) Yahoo on the range
(in the back yard).
Pumpkin-3.JPG (38797 bytes) Pumpkin on the porch.
Squirrel-1.jpg (21399 bytes) This little guy and his associate
completely demolished both of these
pumpkins (Fall 2001).
Yahoo-10.JPG (32862 bytes) Yahoo snoozing (what else?).
Yahoo-7.JPG (18839 bytes) Chewing on a rawhide (cheap) bone.
Yahoo-6.JPG (15242 bytes) Snuggled in for the night.
Yahoo-5.JPG (15961 bytes) Comfortable.
Yahoo-4.JPG (43066 bytes) As a (tired) little pup.
Yahoo-3.JPG (55786 bytes) Little Yahoo in his first bed.
Yahoo-2.JPG (38451 bytes) Relaxing with his dad.
Yahoo-1.JPG (47235 bytes) My trusty mate, Yahoo.

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